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Vegan salad “Protein-a”

Plant - based salad Proteina

One of the most popular salads among those who strive for a balanced diet is the “Vitamin” salad. We offer you to upgrade it and turn it into a vegan salad “Protein-a” with a fillet from VISION MEAT. The recipe will take time, but the result is a delicious and fresh portion rich in proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants.


  • 500 g fresh mix of green salads with radicchio, iceberg and arugula
  • 100 g of cherry tomatoes
  • 50 g mix of black and white quinoa
  • 50 g of mung beans
  • 1 fresh cucumber
  • 1 pack of Vision Meat Fillet


  1. Start by washing the beans under running water.
  2. The cooking time for mung beans is about an hour and a half, with no need for pre-soaking.
  3. Wash the quinoa in the same way. Boil it in water 1:2. Add a pinch of salt for better taste.
  4. Let the beans and quinoa to drain.
  5. Wash the fresh mix of lettuce, cherry tomatoes and cucumber.
  6. Cut the cherry tomatoes into quarters and the cucumber into thin slices.
  7. Take out Vision Meat Fillet from the freezer and unpack. Pour some oil into a preheated pan or on a hot plate and bake for 4 minutes on each side, until golden crust. Cook without thawing. For best taste, follow the cooking instructions and consume immediately after cooking.
  8. Place the fresh green salad mix in a flat or salad bowl. Add the cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, quinoa and beans.
  9. Place the plant-based Vision Meat fillet over the green canapé of vitamins.
  10. Garnish with olive oil, balsamic dressing or lime for a fresher taste.

Serve and consume the salad immediately after its preparation. You can combine it with fresh homemade lemonade, sangria or a glass of white wine.

In order to achieve optimal taste and richness of nutrients, we recommend that you select your products from stores with quality and verified food products.

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