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How to stack the perfect crispy burger?

Vision Meat Crispy Burger Recipe

Did you know that when preparing a burger there is a sequence of ingredients to achieve the best taste and pleasure of eating? If you want to stack a burger that doesn’t fall apart in your hands, but stays whole for every perfect bite, keep reading.

Here are some easy steps to stack the perfect burger. In this case, we will use the Vision Meat Crispy Burger, but you can also use the beef-flavored Vision Meat Burger.

  1. Start with the base – a round burger bun.
  2. Add at least one spoonful of your favorite burger sauce or vegan mayonnaise Vision Meat.
  3. Then lettuce. Use a whole leaf to catch the juices from the next layers.
  4. Next comes our Vision Meat Crispy Burger.
  5. Add a slice of Vision Meat Cheese or cheddar on top of the warm burger.
  6. Add a slice of tomato.
  7. More of your favorite sauce.
  8. For a more beautiful look and freshness, you can repeat with one more layer of a lettuce leaf.
  9. Top it off the other half of the bun.

Cooking Vision Meat Crispy Burger itself is just as easy. Here are the steps to prepare it:

  1. Take out the product from the freezer and unpack.
  2. Pour cooking oil into a preheated pan or other deep cooking pot and fry for 4 minutes on each side, turning the burger regularly.
  3. Consume warm in combination with a suitable garnish.

Cook without thawing! For best taste, follow the cooking instructions and consume immediately after cooking.

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