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Vision Mortadella
vision meat mortadella nutrition
Vision Mortadella
vision meat mortadella nutrition

Plant-based Mortadella VISION MEAT with olives

VISION MEAT plant-based mortadella with olives has an irresistible taste and fine texture. Suitable for slicing and making sandwiches and appetizers.

300 g

  • Plant-based
  • Meat Free
  • 100% Vegan
  • Ready for direct consumption

Method of preparation

Take the product out of the package and consume it directly or as a product for favorite appetizers and sandwiches.

Check out our blog with recipes for inspiration and ideas for a balanced menu.

Method of storage

Store at 0 to 4⁰C.

Nutrition values

Ingredients: water, SOY protein, citrus fiber, modified starch, vegetable fat /sunflower oil/, olives, dextrose, salt, spices, turnip concentrate, pepper extract, psyllium, smoke flavor, thickeners: konjac, xanthan gum, carrageenan; coloring: calcium carbonate; antioxidant: ascorbic acid.

Recipes with this product

There are no recipes